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Wednesday, December 21
I wish I may, I wish I might

3 days before the big celebratory hoo-ha, my wishlist is out.

Buy to your hearts' content, dears.

Have a blessed blessed Christmas !
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Monday, December 5
Blog crush

Hat is witty, takes fun pics and is my big+only link to the place where i came (back) from. I know more about Seminoles' wins and losses, and places in and around Tally where students hang out, than i ever knew when i was there myself (irony irony).

On Sat morning, while waiting to use the bathroom, i clicked on Hat's site and found two pics of himself at the site. There he was with shorts on, but also with his manhood hanging out.

I was too groggy to be shocked really. But when i checked out the site again later in the evening, the pics were taken down and i was laughing at one of the dude, sorry that happened to you comments.

Hat apologized for the now-infamous pics before writing about an unexpected FSU victory over VT in football on Sat. Today, a new entry was posted that went

hey guys..

it's (hat's) gf updating. sorry about that "incident", we got into an argument and i was really pissed and did somehting i shouldn't have done. so to those who saw it, sorry! and those who didn't, stop asking what. go mind ur own business. we made up. so it's all good in the hood. hehehe.

love ya,

So Hat hasn't been psychotic enough to post his own xxx pics online so suddenly and without rhyme or reason.

And also, Hat has a gf.

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Wednesday, November 30

LC wrote about an interesting happening, where “this Asian girl was just standing near my (her) tube station (in London), doing nothing until I(she) walked by and then selected me to hand out a pamphlet for 'The Tanning Centre and Beauty'?

What is she implying?”

I’ll be lazy, do some substitutions and let you know a similar experience of my own:

Interesting that this man was just standing outside the overcrowded CentrePoint on a Sunday, doing nothing until I walked by and then selected me to hand out a pamphlet for A Slimming Program.

Then I saw him handing out another one to a plump man pushing a baby stroller.

His wife took a look at the pamphlet and laughed out loud.

I knew exactly what he was implying.
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Which’s the Prettiest Heels of Them All ?

Last week when I saw the heels, they were on sale, $15 per pair. I pointed out to Purple and said, pweety heels for only $15 ! In your favorite colors too ! She laughed and replied in her usual flamboyant style, I’m gonna get those.

Today when we passed by the little shop, a small cardboard announced the new price - $10.

What a steal. Purple was so excited. So was I. Before we knew it, we were walking out of the little shop with three boxes of cream and pink/purple heels. That was 18 inches of heels in there for you.


I wore my creamy little heels after I got them and ended up with the usual new-heels/shoes bites.

The lady bosses of the shop not only expanded the front of them for me, but also gave me tips on how to avoid the abrasions that come with wearing new shoes.

“Wax the edges of the shoes/heels. At the same time put lots of lotion on your feet and in between your toes. That’ll reduce a whole lot of unwanted friction”

Added bonus: they also waxed the heels for me, and offered me a tubba lotion to put on my feet.

Now who say charming services have to come with hefty price tags ?
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Tuesday, November 29

.. the 'fame' after the tears, during thanksgiving break '03
- where "rubber is your best friend.."

r u smiling yet ?
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This Christmas, I would like to ..

… write again.

… pick up the camera again.

… smile more often and laugh more freely.

… be back there where I belong.
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Monday, November 28

People fall out of love. Outgrow each other. Make mistakes. Don't crucify them for changing their minds or taking the roads less traveled. Two days, two weeks, two years from now, who knows what you'll outgrow, what mistakes you'll make and when the fork in your road will appear ?


Breathe. Your next breath is a whole hell of a lot to look forward to.
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Sunday, November 20
What should I do with the X'mas playlist in the iPod ?

I really do not think I should be listening to any more Christmas songs; they make me so miss my home, at the other side of the globe.
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Thursday, November 10
A conversation between Queenpin and Blackeye

"How do you teach someone without common sense?"

"By beatin' the sense into 'er."
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